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Copper Canyon Train Tours

The Chihuahua al Pacífico —«Chepe»— railroad is the only railroad that has had an international vision since its inception.


The line crosses some of Mexico’s most rugged terrain; hugging the edge of mountains, and crossing deep ravines on its bridges. The scenery it travels through is truly breathtaking. The Copper Canyon Train Tour on the first-class express takes around 4 hours. It is a spectacular journey, and well worth doing – but you MUST book in advance.
A journey through Copper Canyon is one of the most enthralling journeys you can take in Mexico. The Copper Canyon train ride itself is remarkable, the scenery is amazing, and the whole experience will become a lifetime memory for you and those travelling with you.

History of the Copper Canyon Train

This railroad marvel took almost 90 years and 90 million dollars to complete. The Copper Canyon railway is a stunning piece of engineering achievement. Opened after decades of construction in 1961, the railway was designed to connect the Pacific Ocean with Mexico’s central desert territory and Chihuahua.

External Resources

  • The route is a major freight connection between Chihuahua and the coast.
  • It is a pleasure to dine in the dining car freshly decorated with the same elegant upholstery and carpet as the passenger cars.
  • The Copper Canyon line is over 390 miles in length and crosses 39 bridges and 86 tunnels.
  • The First Class Express train makes 7 stops before its final destination

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