Because this is a remote area and it is difficult to access it by plane, S&S Tours is offering a 10-day monthly group bus tour between Phoenix, AZ and Mexico’s Copper Canyon for a special package rate of $1395.00.
This fascinating tour is suitable for those in good health who is prepared to walk on rocky paths at high altitude (optional walks at 7000 feet elevation) and who have a spirit of adventure to enjoy off-the-beaten track places.

  • How many people are on a bus tour?

    The bus is a 45-50 passenger bus. You will find an average of 40-48 pax on the bus tour.

  • Definite Departures.

    We need a minimum of 20 passengers enrolled to make the trip a go. Deposits will not be charged or cashed until we have confirmed the tour and you have been notified. Before booking airfare please confirm with our office that the trip is effective. FYI Most or all of the tours will up.

  • How much time we spend on the train?

    We spend approximately 5 hours of train ride.

  • What if I do not need hotel lodging in Phoenix?

    If no lodging is necessary in Phoenix, deduct $85.00 per person double occupancy of the package price. You may leave your vehicle at the Sleep Inn Airport Phoenix (no charge).

  • What other pick –up/drop-off locations available?

    Green Valley, AZ at Green Valley at the Canola Rest Area. To get there follow HWY 19 South and exit to the rest stop just past mile marker 56 NOTE: You are NOT allowed to leave your car at any of these two pick-up locations.

  • What is the cost for optional tours not included in package price?

    In El Fuerte there is an Optional River Float ($25/person, min.4pax). In Divisadero Area there is a cable car ride across the Canyon ($25 p/p, a 7-course zip line (2 hours for a cost of $60 which includes a return trip on the cable car) and rappelling.

  • Visa and Passport:

    Mexican Visa is required for this trip ($3900 MXN or $27USD-approx).
    Passport or Passcard is required for re-entry to the US, with valid 6 months left before expiration date.

  • Driver and Guide tips.

    You are responsible for tipping the driver and guide at the end of the tour. Unlike the U.S., Mexican drivers and guides live by tips. Suggested tips are $20-$30 per person for the driver and $50-$60 per person for the guide.

  • How do I book the tour?

    To reserve a tour, a $300 deposit per person is required. The balance is due 60 days before the departure date.

  • Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

    The short answer is: “yes.” More than 95 percent of Mexico’s municipalities are at least as safe as the average traveler’s hometown. Although certain parts of the country have seen a rise in drug-related violence in the last few years it is still safe to travel to most parts of Mexico. Ninety three percent of violence takes place in only three percent of the country, mainly along the border because drug dealers in both countries are fighting for control of the border.

  • Bus has insurance in the US and Mexico?

    Yes, they have insurance with the company in Mexico with the insurer Qualitas and the United States handle it with Principal Financial

  • What are the driver qualifications?

    Our drivers are certified Mexican drivers. They undergo a series of medical and physical examinations.

  • What are the bus model and maintenance schedule?

    The years of the buses are 2014 and 2015. The maintenance is constant.





This is one of the best trips ever, and more than might be expected for the money.